You Found Tools!

1. For the quickest way to publish links, check out the Humanwire Bookmarklet.

2. Search the stream by adding "?s=searchterm" to the end of the stream, e.g.: .

3. You can also search members, by including "/members/?s=searchterm" to the end of the stream, e.g.: .

4. Not only can you change the color of your menu bar, you can change the color of links. This can change the look-and-feel significantly. To customize link colors, goto your profile > settings > edit profile fields > more colors > hyper-link colors.

5. Want to post a youtube video? Just drop in the URL link without formatting and Humanwire will auto-embed the video. The same is true of any twitter link.

6. You can add an "@" to a username, e.g. @drew to notify and link to that person.

More, soon.